Website and logo redesign

Paul Shank

Fine Artist STL

Paul Shank logo

You have a vision? Cool, let's build it.


Artist Paul Shank had a specific vision for a website that would display his life’s work. He had strong convictions about its design and stated he would be very detail-oriented. These clear-cut expectations make for a great client.

Paul’s sketches.

Paul had made rough sketches for every page in his site. These sketches provided a theme for the layout of the site. SOLVM then doctored the sketches and wrote the code for best performance, usability and search engine optimization.


Paul has been proud and confident in using this site to represent his work. He was able to use the new site to help secure a book deal. Though he apologized for being so detail oriented, Paul’s specificity guided the project to a swift and accurate completion.


The site is incredibly performant!

design/image by SOLVM
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