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Growing a new website for a farm


Earthdance had an old, stale website with layout and content issues. They wanted a fresh new look, and they wanted to better organize the information in the website.

The old site

As you can see, the old site has some major issues. First, there is a big pothole under the navigation where their featured image section had broken. Second, the page is broken into several columns. This creates a an unfortunate phenomenon called info barf. When you make colums you actual make each column fight for attention. It’s like having multiple people talk to you at once. Thus, you have to ignore every column but the one you want. Since the main column is the one you focus on, you contition your viewers to ALWAYS ignore your side columns. Now, that extra info you provide is NEVER viewed.


We designed and developend a fresh new website that was easy to manage and navigate. We used “layers” instead of columns to organize the content into single purpose sections. No more “info barf.” We wanted the homepage to slowly intoduce what Earthdance does. No need to say everything at once, just scroll down and it will introduce the next section without conflicting content.

We used a great pluign for WordPress called “Advanced Custom Fields” to allow for more advanced page management and customization.


The old site was suffering heavily from classic WordPress issues. It was loading very slowly, it was getting hacked, and it would also crash when they tried to update plugins or WordPress versions. We fixed all of these issues by moving the site to WPEngine for hosting. WPEngine handles all of the performance issues that come with WordPress. They cache the pages and store static assets, like images, to a “Content Delivery Network(CDN)”. This greatly improves the loading speed of a WordPress site. WPEngine also manages security to prevent your site from getting hacked. They also provide a “staging area” that allows you to make your updates in a testing space before you update the live site. This enabled us to make safe updates without crashing the site ever again. But these are only several of many benefits WPEngine offeres. In fact, WPEngine is so amazing with WordPress sites that it is the ONLY host I will use for WordPress sites.
design/image by SOLVM
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