Website and logo redesign

Afriky Lolo

West African Dance Company STL

Afriky Lolo logo

Designing for a culture


Afriky Lolo needed help with graphic design, logo design, web design and photography—pretty much everything. The goal was to create an identity that was unique, classy, professional and representative of West African culture.

The first goal was to create a logo. Afriky Lolo wanted a logo derived from one of their central characters in the performance, The Mask. This enabled us to create a powerful mark that grabs attention and hints at the energy of West African Dance.

design/image by SOLVM


We wanted to carry the energy and culture of Afriky Lolo into the site as well. We used a geometric backgound derived from West African textile decoration called, Bogolan to literaly wrap the site in West African culture. We also used as many images as we could to help visitors feel the energy and excitement within Afriky Lolo.


We also needed to design posters to propmote their upcoming show, The Goddess Zaouli. Fortunately, SOLVM was able to photograph their performance from the year before, so we had many powerful photos to use throughout the posters.

Business cards

With all the great photos we captured, we were able to incorporate them into business cards as well. It is a huge bonus to have stong images to use to promote your business. We use a service called for printing these awesome cards.


It’s rare that complete redesign projects happen, but when they do, there exists an opportunity to create excitement and value throughout all parts of the identity. Afriky Lolo has used these new resources to sell out their shows, merch and book performances around the world.
design/image by SOLVM
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