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Pushing pixels and crafting code since 2005


SOLVM is a one-man show for website and logo redesign. It’s run by Benjamin Gandhi-Shepard, who got his break in 2006 when he redesigned and redeveloped by himself. Ben has seen many web practices and styles come and go in the past 15 years. His experience makes him a fast, effective and reliable redesigner.


Ben has worked with fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, museums, musicians, artists, non-for-profits, therapists and schools. Across all of these differing professions everyone has a unique way of working. If you need SOLVM to take the project and run with it, then that can be done. If you want to direct every detail, then you can do that as well. You can have whatever you want. SOLVM will simply alert you when you are making a risky request so you can make informed decisions.


The entire process is designed for efficiency, effectivness, and endurance.


The process of making a redesign requires a lot of commuincation, however, this can also eat up a ton of time when mismanaged. To centralize this, SOLVM uses Discord. Discord allows us all to chat in one place without having to push hundreds of emails back and forth.

The design process will be centralized by using an application called Figma. This allows SOLVM to share a direct link to the designs. You can use this link to follow progress on the designs and/or make notes to discuss later. Again, there will be no need to email dozenes if not hundreds of screenshots back and forth during the design process. Having one link to the designs also makes it easy to share the project with others involved in the redesign.

To make the development of the website efficient, you will also have a link to the development site. The development site will have software in it that allows you to click any part of the site and leave a message. This will create a change list that will be easy for SOLVM to follow. No more wasted time trying to find where your requested changes are.


Effectiveness is created when we focus the redesign around a core business goal. Yes, the presenting goal is to look better, but the real opportunity is to create value needed for doing better business. SOLVM will make you decide upon a core business goal to work towards with the redesign. This greatly helps us stay focused on what is best for business.

Research will also be done into evaluating your competitors position. We don’t need to compete with the entire world, we just need to outrun your direct competitors.


We want out efforts to last as long as possible. The way we keep the site looking good for a long time is to base it on great typograpy, layout and imagery. These core design elements age gracefully.

SOLVM will also use web technologies that enable you to grow and change quickly online. This is how you get get a redesign done effecinetly, effectively and enable it to endure the test of time gracefully.

Shoot me an email when you're ready to redesign