Website and logo redesign

Websites age more like bread than wine.

So throw out that stale, gross website!

Here's why...

Image of an old website

It's making your visitors choose your competitors

Vision is decision. If your site looks like a stale mess, then you are making it easy for your visitors to choose a competitor that looks more put together. Does your site convey your worth or does it convey your worthlessness? How could making an amazing website help you do better business?

Image of updates to make in a WordPress site

It's a nightmare to manage

Most have a one-size-fits-all DIY website that does everything but what you want it to do. So, you turn to plugins that add even more complexity. Unfortunately, those plugins eventually crash the site and create security holes that lead to being hacked. As a result, no one updates anything because they don't want to risk getting stuck with a crashed site. Is managing your site filled with anxiety? How could making an easy to manage website improve your business online?

Screenshot of a website performance

It's killing your SEO

How is your website's loading speed? Is your website optimized for mobile viewers? Are your images too big? SEO is far more complex these days, and it will continue to grow in complexity. Unfortuantely, falling behind hurts your SEO. You might already be ranking lower in a Google search. How could ranking better in a Google search help your visibility online?

All of these issues must get fixed

It's time to level up! Like these peeps have

I'd love to help, but...

Benjamin Gandhi-Sheaprd at the Spynx in Egypt

It might be too late.

I only take on a few clients each year. I'm a one-man-show, and I only work on one project at a time. This means you get my full attention with no middle (mis)management. But if I'm booked up, then I don't have the bandwidth to be of service. Sorry.

Meting Obama

I'm picky

There's also a probability that we wont be a good fit. As much as you are looking for an expert that can deliver on your project, I am also looking for a client where my expertice can create value. If I can't help you create value, then I'm not a good fit for you.

Funny faces

I don't do deadlines. I don't bill hourly, and I require 100% down to start the project.

That was a lot at once. As I have all day to work on your project, you and your team have a full-time job on top of this project. Thus, you will be my bottleck as this project requires our communication to complete. I can't give you a deadline because I can't control your time and responsibilities. Furthermore, deadlines mostly exist to keep hourly billing in check. I give fixed rates so you don't have to worry about projects ever going over budget. However, for the risk I take on giving you a fixed price, I require 100% upfront.

Benjamin Gandhi-Sheaprd

I'm expensive

Like 15,000 to +150,000.

But you have time on your side, so...

Go kick tires! Do your research!

Shoot me an email when you're ready to redesign